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Gen IX PU C&C Index

If you are new to C&C and analysis writing standards, look over these threads before posting:

Welcome to the official Scarlet & Violet PU analysis reservation thread. Here, you may reserve analyses for Pokemon that you are knowledgeable about and wish to contribute an analysis for.

All analyses must be approved by the PU Quality Control Team.

Forum Moderators:

Reservation Rules:
  • Anyone is able to reserve up to three Pokemon at a time and a fourth may be reserved as well, but only until the analyses reserved prior are quality control ready first. Badgeholders and QC members can reserve more if they wish (five being the maximum amount).
  • Once you figure out which Pokemon you want to reserve, post in this thread. Under the circumstances that the index isn't updated, be sure to pay attention to recent posts to see what's taken.
  • Do not edit your posts if you wish to uphold your reservation or reserve an additional Pokemon.
  • Wait for approval before posting your analysis. A moderator will either like your post or edit your post with approval.
  • This should be common sense, but only reserve a Pokemon if you have a good amount of knowledge about it and experience with the metagame. If you aren't sure what set something is supposed to run, please check with QC beforehand.
  • If a Pokemon is not on the reservation list and you strongly believe it deserves an PU analysis, post in the analysis discussion thread with a thorough explanation as to why and the QC team will address it.
  • Lastly, don't post a WIP thread without a sample set listed at the very least.
Analysis Thread Tags:

When you post your thread, be sure to use the appropriate tags for each stage of the analysis:

[WIP] - Work in Progress: The analysis is incomplete and is not ready for the QC Team to evaluate. Keep in mind that the longer your analysis stays in WIP stage, the greater the chance of it being reassigned. Please avoid making comments in these threads until they are ready unless it's something very important. Try not to post these threads till they have some info, even if it is just the sets. Once the analysis is ready for the QC team to evaluate, move to the Quality Control stage.

[Quality Control] - Quality Control Ready: In the thread title, include [QC 0/1]. The analysis is complete in prose form (not bullet points) and now needs to seek approval by the QC team. Make sure you update the thread title with the number of QC checks you currently have. After implementing two checks, move to the Copyediting stage.

[Copyediting] - Grammar-Prose Ready: In the set title, include [GP 0/1]. The Grammar-Prose team now takes over. When you are ready for GP to check your analysis, please tag the GP bot in a reply post to your thread.

[Done] - After the analysis gets one GP stamp, the analysis is ready for upload.

**Update your thread's tags and stamp number as you move along the process.**

Reservation List:

After reserving a Pokemon, you must post your analysis in a timely fashion. Your analysis thread must be up in 2 days (48 hours) or it will be reassigned. After that, you have 7 days to get it QC ready and out of WIP. If you have any extenuating circumstances that prevent you from getting up your thread within this time frame, notify any of the listed moderators above and we may issue an extension. Pokemon analyses will be categorized under the following headings:
  • Unreserved: The Pokemon has yet to be claimed by someone.
  • Reserved: The Pokemon is claimed by someone.
  • Completed: The Pokemon's analysis is uploaded.

Haunter (Nasty Plot)
Spiritomb (Calm Mind)
Spiritomb (Utility)
Spiritomb (Nasty Plot)

Crabominable (Bulk Up)
Flapple (Choice Band)
Flapple (Choice Scarf)
Gabite (Swords Dance)
Golduck (Rain Sweeper)
Golduck (Choice Scarf)
Honchkrow (Choice Scarf)
Honchkrow (Special Attacker)
Indeedee-F (Calm Mind)
Rabsca (Bulky Setup Sweeper)
Rotom-S (Pivot)
Rotom-S (Choice Scarf)
Sliggoo-Hisui (Curse)
Sliggoo-Hisui (Special Tank)

Basculin-Blue-Striped (Choice Band) - pannu
Carbink (Iron Defense) - sleid
Chansey (Defensive) - Bella
Crabominable (Assault Vest) - asa
Dugtrio (Swords Dance) - yokoisop
Electrode (Pivot) - Hera
Flapple (Dragon Dance) - uhBella
Haunter (Choice Scarf) - Bella
Haunter (Choice Specs) - Hera
Honchkrow (Moxie Sweeper) - Bella
Houndoom (Nasty Plot) - Melt Gibson
Klawf (Stealth Rock) - UberSkitty
Klawf (Offensive) - Togkey
Lumineon (Defensive Pivot) - Bella
Persian-Alola (Pivot) - Bella
Pyroar (Special Attacker) - Hera
Raichu (Nasty Plot) - Togkey
Rotom-F (Offensive Pivot) - ishtar
Sawsbuck (Swords Dance) - Bella
Sawsbuck (Choice Scarf) - UberSkitty
Sliggoo-Hisui (Special Wall) - UberSkitty
Tinkatuff (Stealth Rock) - Hera
Whiscash (Defensive) - sleid
Wyrdeer (Double Dance) - Hera
Wyrdeer (Choice Specs) - Togkey

Basculin-Blue-Striped (Choice Scarf) - yokoisop
Carbink (Stealth Rock) - Melt Gibson
Charizard (Setup Sweeper) - Bella
Charizard (Special Attacker) - sleid
Dachsbun (Wish) - asa
Dugtrio-Alola (Wallbreaker) - Melt Gibson
Dugtrio-Alola (Choice) - UberSkitty
Electrode (Rain Setter) - Bella
Gabite (Stealth Rock) - asa
Gabite (RestTalk) - sleid
Gogoat (Bulk Up) - Hera
Indeedee-F (Choice) - Bella
Lycanroc-N (Choice Scarf) - Togkey
Masquerain (Quiver Dance) - rien
Masquerain (Sticky Web Lead) - Bella
Misdreavus (Offensive) - rien
Misdreavus (Defensive) - sleid
Persian-Alola (Nasty Plot) - Hera
Perrserker (Stealth Rock) - Bella
Rabsca (Offensive Trick Room) - rien
Raichu (Encore Pivot) - BT89
Rotom-F (Choice Scarf) - Bella
Skuntank (Physical Attacker) - UberSkitty
Skuntank (Nasty Plot) - UberSkitty
Skuntank (Choice Scarf) - UberSkitty
Zangoose (Toxic Boost) - Hera

  • Don't take something if you haven't had enough experience with it, it's really obvious to see who hasn't used their Pokemon. We will reassign any analysis if we don't see high enough quality.
  • Before you reserve something, check the posts above yours, as the OP may not be updated.
  • Make sure you have the ability to complete your analysis in a timely manner before taking it on. If it takes too long, it may be reassigned.
If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to ask any of the Quality Control team members or the leaders themselves!
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can i have articuno? (3 attacks + roost)
we still haven't added any of the july drops to the reservation slate, we plan on doing so shortly after the upcoming vr update. you're welcome to reserve any other mon from the low priority list in the meanwhile :)
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if its fine can i also please take Lilligant
update: after talk with rien i will be taking indeedee-fs Choice set for now instead
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